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Dogtra Pathfinder GPS Tracking & Training E-Collar

Important note: The Dogtra Pathfinder is a track & train system only! The Geofence feature is not a dog containment system and your dog will not receive a correction when leaving a boundary area. The Geofence feature only allows you to mark off areas on the map that you do not want your dog to enter and will alert your phone when this happens. Please contact us if you are looking for a GPS containment system with track and train features.

The Dogtra Pathfinder brings you a state of the art high-response track and train system!

The Dogtra Pathfinder is the cutting edge GPS and e-collar system allowing you to track and train your dogs in real-time from your smartphone. Designed for serious dog trainers and owners who demand the most in working, hunting, and competitive environments, the Dogtra Pathfinder offers our high standards for quality and performance. It’s the most accurate, easy-to-use smartphone GPS tracking and training system.

Track up to 21 dogs (minimum 35 pounds) or hunters, create customizable Geo-Fence alerts, share locations, all with playback data. The Pathfinder tracking feature provides greater live-action detail and accuracy when you’re in the field with a two-second update rate and powerful zoom. The pathfinder comes with full e-collar function, which can be disabled per user preference.

The Dogtra Pathfinder gives you GPS technology on your smartphone, which is perfect for any type of hunting or training situation. Track up to 21 dogs and hunters, have reliable live updates with Google maps, data playback, the ability to share locations, and create your own Geo-fence alerts all without using cellular data or having to purchase extra navigation equipment.

Dogtra Pathfinder GPS Tracking & E-Collar Connector

  • Easy bluetooth to smartphone connection with max range of 33 feet
  • One time easy initiation process
  • Rapid charging lithium polymer battery
  • Fully waterproof
  • Includes a belt clip and lanyard
  • GPS Connector weight: approx. 4.3 oz.

Dogtra Pathfinder GPS Tracking & E-Collar Transceiver

  • Collar weight with Transceiver: approx. 10 oz.
  • Collar length without Transceiver: 30"
  • Collar length with Transceiver: 28"

Dogtra Pathfinder GPS Tracking & E-Collar Smartphone App


Compatible with free Google Maps™ for live up-to-date detailed terrain and satellite view.

  • Free Map- Google Maps offers precise and detailed satellite and terrain views
  • Playback - Playback data can be shared with friends and clients
  • Locations - share detailed location information
  • Offline map - no data usage with the offline feature
  • Geo-fence - set boundaries and undesirable locations


Your dog's distance and direction with compass feature

  • Precise location of your dog(s)
  • Icons indicate if your dog is on-point, treed, or running
  • Map zoom capability for detailed tracking


Intuitive design for easy control and quick access to all e-collar functions.

  • Low to high power stimulation
  • 9 mile range
  • Slide bar with 100 levels of nick and constant stimulation
  • Non-stimulating auditable tone
  • Rapid charge batteries (3.5 hours)
  • Reliable waterproof design
  • Collar strap dimensions: 1” X 30”

Dogtra Pathfinder GPS Tracking + E-Collar key features

  • Disable e-collar tab for competitions and field trials where tone and stimulation are prohibited
  • Share data and location with others
  • Easily switch between dogs or tags by shaking or using phone volume buttons
  • Requires NO additional fees, subscriptions, or smartphone data
  • Expandable up to 21 Dogtra GPS collars and Pathfinder hunters
  • Custom alerts of dog’s actions with pop-ups, sound and vibration
  • Quick two second update for reliable tracking capabilities
  • 9 mile range to track your dog(s)
  • History playback later on your computer or smartphone
  • Waterproof design

Dogtra Pathfinder compatible with:

  • iOS 8.1 and up
  • Android 4.4 and up

Download The App

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Dogtra Pathfinder comes with full 2 Year / Limited Life Warranty

*Smartphone not included.

More Information
Manufacturer Codepathfinder
Correction Levels100
Transmit RangeUp to 9 Miles
ExpandableUp to 21 dogs