Dog Training Videos

Learn How to E Collar Train Your Dog

with Dogtra Pro Staffer Robin MacFarlane

Overcoming Dog to Dog Aggression

Is your dog aggresssive towards other dogs? This video goes over how to train with your e-collar to overcome this behavior.
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How to begin e-collar conditioning with your dog.

A very important step to the e-collar training process is how to begin e-collar conditioning with your dog. This video goes over how to do so.
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Training "Place" with the remote collar

This video goes over how to add your e-collar to your place commands.
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How to use a remote collar for fearful dogs.

This is a case study with a seven month old Border Collie who came to us with pretty severe fear issues. The goal of this video is simply to show that a remote training collar can be used successful as part of a program in rehabilitating fearful dogs.
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Remote collar training for loose lead walking

This video teaches how to heel by using a combination of positive reinforcement and e-collar.
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Remote Collar Training Basic Dog Obedience

Basic dog obedience class training utilizing remote training collars and a balanced approach. Helping owners train their dogs to listen, and follow through even when highly excited and in the middle of lots of distraction.
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How to fit an Electronic Dog Collar

An answer to the common question of "how to properly fit a remote dog training collar?"
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Using a electronic remote training collar as a prompt for puppy training

explores ideas on alternative ways to use a remote collar. Rather than just being a tool for punishment or correction the shock collars of today offer the user much more finesse and softer levels of stimulation.
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